A Short Sale allows a person to sell their home for less than the amount owed on the mortgage.  Homeowners that are either behind on their mortgage, can no longer afford to make payments, or are in pre-foreclosure, will often attempt a short sale on their home.


Cornerstone Law Group, LLC is available to guide homeowners through every step of the the short sale process. Many of our own staff members have been through a short sale, so we understand the extreme pressures that a homeowner faces during difficult financial times. Our dedicated team of real estate agents, negotiators, attorneys, and CPAs will provide you with the knowledge to understand the process and how decisions fit to your specific situation.


Many experts believe that a short sale is better than a foreclosure because of the following reasons:

  • Short Sale may allow you to receive CASH AT CLOSING
  • Short Sale may better protect your credit
  • Short Sale may eliminate all mortgages and property liens

If a Short Sale is not your best option, Cornerstone Law Group, LLC can also help you explore other foreclosure alternatives, which include:


  • Loan Refinance
  • Mortgage Repayment Plan
  • Forebearance
  • Short Sale may allow you to receive RELOCATION ASSISTANCE
  • Short Sale may prevent the need to file for Bankruptcy
  • Short Sale may allow you to qualify for a new mortgage sooner
  • Loan Modification
  • Leasing
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

If you, or someone that you know, is having problems paying their mortgage, please contact our office for a free consultation to discuss the situation.

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